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The Olympic Committee is looking for a replacement for Lehtimäki

The Olympic Committee is looking for a replacement for Lehtimäki

The Finnish Olympic Committee is looking for a new director for Sports Unit I.

distance Mika Litemaki Resigned in March Deputy Director Lina Pavulainen He assumed his duties as Director of the Supreme Sports Unit of the Finnish Olympic Committee. Lehtimäki resigned after it was found that he had previously received a written warning of unreasonable behaviour.

The Finnish Olympic Committee is now vacating the position of Director of the Major Sports Unit. The Head of Senior Sports is responsible for strategic and operational leadership in Finland’s top sports, along with the subsidiary federations, the Senior Sports Network, and the Olympic Committee staff.

The Director of the Senior Sports Unit is supposed to have the ability and knowledge to lead people and networks to achieve strategic and operational goals, of which success in the best sports and the increase in the number of professional athletes are the most important, says the Olympic Committee Chairman Jan Fabafuri.

The recruitment process is prepared by a working group consisting of the Vice President Sari MultalaAnd Marco CasagrandeAnd Miko Salonen And Taina Sucilotto. The IOC Council makes a decision on the appointment based on the proposal of the working group.

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