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The next step in the development of Stockholm is now being taken - the multifunctional district of BAS Barkarby is ready

The next step in the development of Stockholm is now being taken – the multifunctional district of BAS Barkarby is ready

In an old airport in Järfälla, one of the largest urban development projects in Northern Europe is underway, showing the new and sustainable Barkarbystaden district. An important piece of the puzzle in the area is now being completed – the multifunctional BAS Barkarby district, which will be a vital meeting place for culture, sports, business and learning.

During the twentieth century, the Barkarby field was an important center for the development of military and civil aviation in Sweden. The airport and the industrial area of ​​Veddesta are now the scene of the largest development in the Stockholm region today. In 15 years, approximately 40,000 people are expected to live in the new and sustainability-oriented Barkarpstaden, which will be one of Stockholm’s most important hubs with both metro and long-distance trains, regional trains and commuter trains. In Barkarpstaden, new homes, workplaces, schools, shops, cafes, restaurants, culture and services are being built. The region will have low energy consumption and good conditions for sustainable development.

White Architects is working on several projects in the region; New housing, expansion of the blue metro line towards Akala with the new stations Barkarbystaden and Barkarby, and the new multifunctional block BAS Barkarby currently being completed. The neighborhood, created with the Atrium Ljungberg, is a meeting place for culture, sports, business and learning with a focus on science and technology. It will be a place where you study, work, meet and develop together. BAS Barkarby includes a library, black box, art gallery, project workshops, and common areas that can be used for trade fairs, for example. The home is a dynamic combination of separate parts, such as school and office, and public activities.

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– The BAS Barkarby Building will be an exciting meeting place and hub for both home tenants and residents of the emerging Barkarby Town. Anders Arfvidsson, the lead engineer at White Arkitekter, says the location near new public transport hubs makes it easy to get here even for more long-distance visitors.

The large volume of the neighborhood is divided into smaller parts that connect with the surrounding city, where the different buildings have their own expressions. The design expresses openness, the neighborhood should feel welcome and inviting to all. The building has two entrances, one on level 1 adjacent to the adjacent park and one on level 3 of the new Veddesta Bridge – a bridge 530 meters long and 28 meters wide that spans over E18 and Mälarbanan. The bridge will open to traffic on June 21 and will be an important link for the continued development of the area. From 2026 it will be possible to take direct from Veddestabron to the new station building designed by White Arkitekter, to take the metro, bus, commuter train, regional train or long-distance train. This new hub will connect Stockholm and Mallardalen in a completely new way.

In Barkarpstaden, a new hospital, police station and Stockholm’s first indoor cross-country ski run are also planned, Other sports facilities and facilities for e-sports.

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White Arkitekter is one of the leading architectural firms in Scandinavia. We work with architecture, design and sustainable urban development in an international context for current and future generations. Our mission is, with the power of architecture, to drive the transition to sustainable living. Our vision is that by 2030, all of our projects will be robust and climate-neutral. We are a staff owned architectural group of approximately 700 employees with presence in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Canada and East Africa.


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