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The new roundabout takes you through Cornwall in the UK

Go to Cornwall Beach by bike.  The new route to cycle is four days.  Photo: GettyMages.

Go to Cornwall Beach by bike. The new route to cycle is four days. Photo: GettyMages.

Dramatic rocks, sandy beaches, cozy villages and barley blue sea. This fall, a completely new cycle path will be launched that will take you to Cornwall Beach in the southwestern tip of the UK. Ideal for a four day cycling adventure!

3 September 2021 Opens the 240 km long cycle path West Kerno Way It revolves around the coast of British Cornwall. The trail is divided into four day stages and takes you through beautiful fishing villages, beaches and the dramatic rocky shores of Cornwall. Adventure cyclists should be allowed to find the area beyond the given tourist routes.

When cycling You pass, among other things, the mainland of the west of England, Lands End, and to the south, both of the Lizard Point. You pass St. Michael’s Mount Island, whose terrain is only during low tides, and at the foot of the wild rocks on the dramatic Tin Beach, the surviving houses from the Bodlock mines – are today a World Heritage Site.

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Wave Island on Mount St. Michael with its medieval castle. Photo: Getty Images.

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Some of the remaining houses from the Bodallock mines. Photo: Getty Images.

Both bike path Starting and ending in Benzance, there has been a train station since 1852 and you can easily reach it by direct train from London. The train journey takes five hours.

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Read more About the bike path West Kerno Way.

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Sennen Temple near Lands End Beautiful hills. Photo: Getty Images.

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Beautiful beaches are sprinkled on Cornwall Beach, here in Portmeier Cove. Photo: Getty Images.