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The New Jurassic World was recorded during the pandemic

Great security about the new movie


Chris Pratt I

Photo: Universal

Chris Pratt I, “Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom” (2018).


Chronicle. The recording of the new “Jurassic World” has finally begun.

You might not have attracted much attention at another time.

But for a movie city that doesn’t know what the future looks like after the pandemic, that’s good news.

Slowly but surely we’ll find our way back. More and more cinemas are opening in Sweden. At the time of writing, invitations to a press screening of the thriller “Unhinged” are included. Russell Crowe I sent. Other than that, it was one of those movies that had been putting off for quite some time all along.

However, much uncertainty remains. California’s major setback a few weeks ago, when bars and cinemas were forced to close in an attempt to control the spread of infection, at least convinced me that the big movie this summer Christopher Nolans Tenet will be delayed again. This particular message came this week.

In the midst of all misery, Universal begins filming “Jurassic world: Dominion”. The film, which will premiere next summer, was forced to suspend work in March due to the pandemic. Now the director continues Colin Trevuru And his team is in the UK.

Immediate setback

Initially, there were reports in the British media that the film suffered an immediate setback in the image of employees infected with the Coronavirus. Universal denied this.

So far the movie stars including Jeff Goldblum, Ready to travel to the UK. Safety measures, to say the least, are strict. It should be social distancing, hand alcohol quantities, quizzes, quizzes, and quizzes.

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One has to assume that social distancing doesn’t happen in front of the camera, but …

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Goldblum said he received a safety regulations biblical, 109 pages thick. He continued:

We will live in quarantine, in a kind of bubble, the whole team and all the actors.

Photo: Universal

Jeff Goldblum in a classic “Jurassic Park” scene.

Test case for other key recordings

It will definitely direct the eyes of many to Pinewood studio outside of London. This would be a test case for such large movie recordings where billions of kronor are at stake.

The epidemic continues. But as Jeff Goldblum said in his first Jurassic Park: Life finds a way.

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