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Sweden, the superpower at Eurovision, will help Great Britain hopelessly

Sweden, the superpower at Eurovision, will help Great Britain hopelessly

The Swedish Melodifestival is Eurovision’s most successful national competition, According to Eurovision itself. This piqued the interest of the British, who have now recruited host Mance Zilmerlo and screenwriter Edward F. Selene to spark interest in the “You Who Decide” – The British Choice.

– In recent years, they have tried to join the match after many bad placements at Eurovision, Edward F. Celine tells Kulturnyheterna.

Rumor has it that they don’t care

Once upon a time, Britain often performed well at Eurovision. The advantage of singing in a language that could have been recorded by many, but in 1999 the grammar of the language was changed and all countries were allowed to make their contributions in any language. Since 2000, the British have become a developing country in the Eurovision Song Contest and have not even won it once. However, the country was ranked 20 times or eight times less. Rumor has it that they simply don’t care.

It’s a reasonable bias, but like all biases are greatly exaggerated, they still have a lot of viewership and the Eurovision Song Contest is very popular. On the one hand, they don’t take it seriously, instead seeing it more as a kind of kitsch, says Edward F.Celine.

“The most important thing there”

Now the screenwriter hopes to change the British attitude toward you from decision-making and to take entertainment very seriously.

You have to attract viewers and make them believe that this choice is important even if it is easy entertainment. Everyone who loves entertainment knows that easy entertainment is the most important thing.

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