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The new digital primary will already double sales in the first year

Founded in 1936, the Swedish company Brand Hestra is now making a major investment in its own e-commerce. Over the past year, the company has partnered with e-commerce company Grebon to develop global commerce and modern e-commerce.

The investment includes a total remake of Formerly a “mostly showroom” site for the company’s products.

We are incredibly excited about our new e-commerce initiative. Since Hestra was founded in 1936, we have developed a globally recognized brand where our success is based on product. Our gloves are known for their durability and quality. Therefore, Emilia Swarm, Hestra’s Marketing Manager, says that there is a huge proportion of customers who use gloves frequently for many years until it’s time to buy a new pair:

Quality is easy to express in our body stores, but has faded slightly in digital. We find incredible potential in creating the digital brand experience where our customers can easily buy their personal favorites, but also give new customers the same robust experience of quality and durability available in our body stores worldwide.

A big focus with the new site is on conveying quality and brand, but also guiding customers to the right product.

The new “Digital Flagship Store” will be built on the Centra platform, which will be located in the company’s focus markets, including Norway and the entire European Union, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

To achieve our goal of doubling sales in e-commerce already in the first year, we can flexibly adapt product offerings and appearance based on where the visitor is geographically located. We now handle digital sales throughout the EU and the United States with two small, but very close groups. Therefore, it is very important to have an efficient and flexible solution, says Emilia Swarm.


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