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The new Covid theory when the virus wave hit China again

The new Covid theory when the virus wave hit China again

For Telenor startups – Vimla in telecom and Ownit in broadband – ease of use has always been an important focus, and thus the two companies have turned to a whole new solution for billing and payments via Billogram. The hope before the change was for smoother operations and an improved customer experience, but then customers switching to automatic payment methods became a much appreciated result at least.

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In addition to the costly manual labor of sending tens of thousands of invoices on time, both Vimla and Ownit faced a lot of technical challenges with the payment process. Additionally, handling large amounts of payment-related customer service is important.

With the shift to a digital payment solution, many factors that previously caused dissatisfaction and misunderstanding of customers can be eliminated. When the various processes were automated and the end customer gained access to more and simpler payment methods, Vimla was able to reduce customer service matters by more than 40 percent in the first six months. The number of customers paying on time has also increased by 14 percent since moving to Billogram.

Other important influences have been found in customers’ willingness to adopt automatic payment methods, such as direct debit and direct payments. Here, Billogram offers simple tools for efficient conversion that has led to a significant increase in both companies of 100% (Vimla in two years) and 53% (Ownit after one year) from the change to a new billing solution until today. Automated payment methods mean great benefits – improving cash flow and reducing the risk of incorrect payments and customer losses.

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By studying the results of Vimla in more detail, Billogram was able to say that the risk of losing customers is half the risk of automatic payments. At the same time, it can be seen that the risk of losing customers is almost three times greater for customers who miss their payments than for those who pay on time. For customers who receive a reminder, the risk of losing customers is six times higher.

Data insights are based on AI technology and form the basis for how Billogram develops its product. Technology is used to create a better payment experience for the end customer. An important focus because payment is in many cases the most common and most important interaction between the customer and the company.

There is huge potential in transforming a payment opportunity from a transaction into something that can foster and build long-term relationships with customers. At the same time, processes are simplified and the customer gets a smoother experience, says Frederic Runeus, Billogram Customer Manager.

With clear summaries of results, Billogram customers get a tangible picture of the benefits of using the platform – something that often means they regret not making the move earlier. Especially considering how fast they are implemented.

Our integration process sets us apart from more complex solutions. We’ve seen examples that require a total of 45 project hours just for a client to implement the solution. In a fast and seamless way, we can help our customers add modern and advanced functionality that gives end customers more freedom of choice and a better customer experience. Frederick concludes that it would be a win-win.

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