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The meteor shower in Lyriderna reaches its peak tonight

The meteor shower in Lyriderna reaches its peak tonight

On your website He tells the association that Lyriderna meteor showers are relevant for the next few nights. If conditions are good, a viewer can see 10-20 meteors per hour.

They appear as a short, bright line across the sky that disappears, and a new line follows after a while. It’s a wonderful experience, says Stefan Benson, who undoubtedly sacrifices a few hours of sleep at night to witness the annual meteor showers that peak at night between Thursday and Friday.

– Conditions are good because it appears clear in many places, he says.

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Stephan Benson of Haaland Astronomical Society undoubtedly sacrifices a few hours of sleep at night to see a meteor shower. Photo: Private

No special equipment needed

He assures that everyone has the opportunity to experiment, and no special equipment is needed.

In this case, it is almost always better to look with the naked eye because the phenomenon occurs over such a large area. With a telescope, it can be almost harder to find the right telescope because it also works quickly, he says.

Stefan Bengtson also says the best thing is to look for a dark, open space where nothing is in the way.

Being in the city center is not good because there is a lot of light bothering you.

Bring the copper chair

His advice is to bring a brass chair or something, lean back and look east.

It is very easy to feel a pain in the neck, otherwise it is because meteor showers occur very high in the atmosphere, he says.

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Stefan Bengtsson says the Lyrids originated from the Lyran constellation and are the remnants of a comet called C / 1861 G1. There is no danger of meteors falling to the ground.

– No you, it evaporates long before then due to the high temperature, he says.

Now meteor showers have the maximum

Lilies, also known as April Showers, are described as heavy meteor showers during the second half of April.

The biggest activity is between April 16-25 and the maximum is now reached – tonight between April 22-23.

It’s important to take care, then the nights get really bright, at least for those of us who love astronomy, he says.

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