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The meteor crashed into Ruth's bed while she was sleeping

The meteor crashed into Ruth’s bed while she was sleeping

Ruth Hamilton, 66, was asleep at her home in Golden, Canada, on October 3, when she woke up to her dog barking. Then what she described as an “explosion” occurred and small pieces of the ceiling fell on her face. When Ruth saw that there was a hole in the roof, she at first thought that a tree had fallen on her house. But as Ruth called the rescue service, she saw that there was something between her pillows.

“Oh my God, there’s a stone in my bed,” Ruth told the rescue team.

Likelihood of this happening: 1 in 100 billion

It turns out that a meteor hit directly into Ruth’s bedroom – and he barely missed her head. The meteorite is as big as a fist and weighs 1.3 kilograms.

“Now my grandchildren can tell their grandmother was almost killed in bed by a meteorite,” Roth told the New York Times.

Ruth never went to bed again that night. I sat in a chair and drank tea instead.

“I survived the experience without the slightest scratch,” says Roth.

Professor Peter Brown at the University of Western Ontario, who has confirmed that the stone in Ruth’s bedroom was indeed a meteorite, says the chance of a meteorite hitting a house is about 1 in 100 billion.

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