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The metaphor that helped me deal with my financial worries ❤️

The metaphor that helped me deal with my financial worries ❤️

🎴 The metaphor of a deck of cards in life is a tool that has helped me and many others. They are tools for changing perspectives, creating acceptance, and creating what you want more consciously.

The metaphor is that we are all dealt a unique deck of cards in life. Our mission in life is to play these cards to the best of our ability. All the cards we received are neither good nor bad, but they have certain advantages and disadvantages.

An example of a card I received is what I call the “Financial Concern” card. It makes me worry that the rug could be pulled out at any moment and everything could disappear. So this card has certain consequences – when fears come, I become like a little hamster running around and collecting nuts. There will always be money in the account and there will be a buffer. There will even be a buffer on the buffer.

The problem is that the cost of this card is exactly what I'm concerned about and I'm considering things with a very low probability of happening. My coach even said at times that I suffer from a “creative misuse of imagination.” I use my mind to draw up scenarios that won't happen. The cost of this comes in feeling energetic in life. Or what is called in English “life”.

By seeing “economic anxiety” as a playing card, I gain more control over the situation. I can sometimes choose not to have to play the card. I can sometimes see that I played a card automatically without thinking about it. Above all, I can also sometimes choose to play another card – e.g. Gratitude, Trust, or “Call for Help” card.

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Likewise, we all have multiple cards, for example: everything from “Never Satisfied” – to “Be Your Best” – to “I Don’t Understand” – to “I Always Say Yes” – to “I Prioritize Others Before “Myself” – and “worry” – to “don't do it”. Rely on anyone to play cards and everything else between heaven and earth.

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