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Ron wants to get more money from music fans

Ron wants to get more money from music fans

Roon is a unique music subscription service that does not give customers access to any music, but instead provides server software and mobile applications to control the server and send music to any speaker via Airplay, Chomecast, and other technologies. The service is very popular in audiophile circles and the company behind it also sells private NUC-based servers that promise an optimal experience with both owned music and music streamed from Tidal or Qobuz.

The company has now launched a new Nucleus server model, according to reports Tom's devices. It is called Nucleus Titan and is produced in three types, two of which have a slightly bolder appearance: the upper side is covered with either wood or marble imitation. The third has a “metallic” color which appropriately appears to be titanium or at least a color that looks like titanium.

Just like the previous Nucleus and Nucleus Plus models, the Nucleus Titan is based on the NUC platform, and as before, Roon hasn't revealed any exact technical details. What or how much processor it has and what kind of working memory it has is unknown. Ron has Previously explained The lack of precise specifications in terms of the possibility of changing them after the fact and their lack of importance.

Roon claims it's 36 percent faster, 37 percent more power efficient and has 80 percent faster memory than previous models, but since the exact performance numbers for these models are also unknown, that's not saying much.

The new model has yet to get its own product page on Roon's website, but according to Tom's Hardware, it will cost $3,700 in the US, and if it appears in Sweden it will cost upwards of 50,000 kroner with VAT.

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Users who do not want to spend tens of thousands of kroner on a private server can run Roon's own version of Linux, Ron Olympiadon your NUC or any other cheap x86 computer.