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The majority of regions do not have a whistleblower job

The majority of regions do not have a whistleblower job

On December 17, a new law is expected to be introduced, which means all companies with at least 50 employees must have a whistleblower job so they can report whistleblowers. A survey by Läkartidningen showed that eight of the country’s 21 regions have currently introduced this function. The rest without.

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Some areas, including Skåne, have had the job in place for several years. Others, like Uppsala, have recently started one. There are also regions that have decided to launch the whistleblower function, but it has not yet been activated. Currently, seven districts have made absolutely no policy decision that it should be introduced, according to the medical journal poll.

The statutory regulation, which means the introduction of the EU Whistleblower Directive into Swedish law, is a strengthening of the existing whistleblower law and applies to whistleblowing in all private and public activities.

The new law includes employees, job seekers, the self-employed, volunteers, interns, people who are part of the company’s administrative and regulatory body, and active shareholders in the company. The government also wants information about the whistleblower’s identities to be kept confidential.


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