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The life-sustaining care of a 12-year-old British boy ends

Last week, the Supreme Court announced that the boy’s treatment should end, and at the beginning of the week the decision was reached after parents were allowed to make their voices heard. Doctors ruled it out The boy will wake up again Having been in a coma since April. Then his mother found him unconscious at his home.

Mother Holly Dance told the newspaper that hospital staff had made it clear that “there are no other options left”.

On Saturday, the hospital in London will stop the CPR for the 12-year-old British boy, according to Sky News.

The boy has been identified His brain was damaged and doctors estimate he was most likely brain dead. But the parents still believed their son could wake up and fight in court for further treatment, and the case has received a lot of attention in the British media. The case finally ended up at the table of the British High Court.

But the Supreme Court said no in agreement with the health care system. The family then turned instead to the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, which replied that no one could interfere with a national court’s decision. The family also sent a report to the United Nations to prevent the end of the 12-year-old’s life-sustaining treatment – to no avail.

parents have He struggled to move their son to a nursing home in the last days of his life, but doctors warned the boy’s condition was “extremely unstable” and a British court rejected the family’s attempt to appeal the decision on Friday.

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– We did everything for my little boy, says Holly Dance to Sky News.

The Christian Christian Legal Center, which helps the family with legal guidance, says that “the family is broken and spending the last precious time with their son.”

“I hope I have paved the way for all the other parents who want to break the decisions of the healthcare system and the legal system in this country,” Holly Dance told the BBC earlier this week.