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The Internet operator has infected customers' computers

The Internet operator has infected customers' computers

South Korean internet operator KT, formerly owned by state-owned Korea Telecom, has reportedly found itself in bad weather conditions. Spot technology. The company was caught in 2020 restricting the speed of customers' connections, but won a dispute against upset customers when a court ruled that the company's explanation that it was necessary to balance the network's overall bandwidth was correct.

Drill journalists affiliated with the JTBC media group discovered that KT was not satisfied with the communication speed limit. The company had a division that developed and distributed malware on about 600,000 customer computers.

According to the investigation, the malware was intended to spy on clients in search of bittorrent users who could then be thwarted by throttling bandwidth or blocking certain connections altogether. The company reportedly had three separate divisions dealing with breaches, one to develop the malware itself, an operational division that distributed it, and an interception division that did the actual espionage.

Gyeonggi police investigated the allegations and raided KT's headquarters and data center. They have identified 13 people who may be brought to justice for breaching laws relating to electronic communications. To be sure, the company also risks fines and damage claims.

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