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The Indian variant behind the increase in infection in the UK

The Indian variant behind the increase in infection in the UK

Although the prevalence of the disease is low in terms of population size, this trend has been upwards in recent weeks. More than three-quarters of adults – 40 million people – have received at least one vaccine.

As of Friday, 6,238 new cases had been registered. This is a thousand more than the previous day, the highest number since the end of March, Reuters reported.

According to experts, the Indian virus variant appears to be 50 per cent more contagious than the British variant – more contagious than previous variants.

In positive tests It was ranked last week (complete genetic analysis of the virus) 79 per cent of the Indian variant, The BBC writes. The increase is fast in Birmingham.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Previously flagged The progress of the Indian variance threatens the final phase of the June 21 deregulation. Now more and more voices are being raised to wait. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister said he would act with caution, but said there was currently no obstacle to lifting the restrictions.

Health Minister Matt Hancock Reuters says On Friday, it was not unexpected that the infection would escalate when controls removed such a large area.

Indian virus variant, Or as Delta calls it in the new terms of the WHO, which is the engine for the widespread spread of the disease in India in the spring. It is not clear whether the risks of being seriously ill and ending up in hospital for victims are higher than other types of the virus.

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In Sweden, there are less than 40 cases of the Indian virus variant, some of which have nothing to do with travel. According to state epidemiologist Anders Technol, it has not established itself in Sweden at the same pace as the British variant.

– Vaccines also work well against this variation, and above all both doses provide excellent protection. Anders Technell says you don’t have to worry if we get too much vaccine protection.