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The heat wave hit Canada hard

The heat wave hit Canada hard

Canadians are still grappling with the extreme temperatures and wildfires that followed the heat wave that began on June 25. Several hundred people – mostly elderly and people who already have health problems – lost their lives during the hot days that were measured in the country.

At the end of June, the country broke its heat record for the third day in a row: On Tuesday, the weather station Lytton, a village about 250 kilometers from the larger coastal city of Vancouver, measured 49.6 degrees, the highest temperature ever measured in Canada since the measurements began. .

For comparison, it can be said that these high temperatures have not been measured in South America or Europe. The nearest is Athens, where it got a score of 48 in 1977.

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The coolest hotels are fully booked

Not all residents of the affected areas have air conditioners in their homes. Simply because it is not usually hot even during the summer. As a result, many hotels were soon fully booked, as people went there to relax, according to this report BBC.

– I hope this does not happen again, says one of the residents.

Local politician, John Horgan, describes how the heat had “disastrous consequences for families and society.”

But the coming days look a little better for the residents of Lytton, then temperatures reach between 31 and 37 degrees during the day and around 20 degrees at night.

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