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The goal is already set for the next movie

The goal is already set for the next movie

He meets Kulturnyheterna before the world premiere of his new film The Triangle of Sorrow, which is in competition for the Palme d’Or, the world’s best feature film, which he won the last time he was here with The Square 2017.

Even though we’re interviewing before the film’s premiere, I feel like I know what it’s about, because for several years Robin Ostlund, unlike most filmmakers and artists, has spoken extensively about what it should be.

– It’s a way for me to find out for myself what it would be like for the film. I have to be able to put the whole movie into words before I start with the script.

From luxury yachts to plane

And from the luxury yacht in the Triangle of Grief, the next film will take place on a plane.

– It should be called “entertainment system is down”, imagine a long 15-hour flight where passengers have nothing to do. After that, all kinds of situations will arise among the people, says Robin Ostlund as he cruises along several luxury yachts in the Port of Cannes.

“Exciting positions”

I have spoken to many people about the exciting situations that can arise on airplanes. Someone told me there was an unbelievable turbulence on a flight where five oxygen masks were flying off. Then people got crazy and started arguing and ripping them off because they weren’t enough for everyone.

But the thing about the entertainment system is not working, people nowadays mostly look at their own screens.

It’s a lifeline, of course, but only until the batteries run out, and there’s no Wi-Fi.

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