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The United States and China must cooperate against climate change

The G7 warned China, Russia and Iran

First of all, Russia. In addition to China and Iran. Everyone is now receiving severe warnings from the G7 countries.

Representatives of the G7 superpower club gathered this weekend at Liverpool Football Club. Over the course of two days, many topics and countries were covered, with one common denominator: the G7 sees clear reasons for issuing sharp criticisms and warnings regarding many actors.

In Russia issues, it mainly concerns the consequences of a possible attack on Ukraine.

A representative of the US delegation said: “There is a deep consensus on what would unfortunately be necessary if Russia made a bad decision.”

From the Kremlin, all these plans were rejected, but according to Reuters news agency, there was a common view at the meeting about US President Joe Biden’s attempts to support Ukraine, deterring Russian President Vladimir Putin with economic consequences if Russia persists. chooses to proceed. However, no decision should have been made at the meeting regarding any potential measures related to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea in the event of an invasion.

Earlier this week, the line was lifted from the US side as a potential leverage. Russia was previously part of what was then called the Group of Eight, but was excluded in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea.

When you are In the case of China, it is about managing China’s economic policy without becoming, as one representative calls it, an “anti-China club”. Among other things, the situation in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang was discussed. Britain and the United States, for example, decided to boycott diplomacy in connection with the Winter Olympics, at the G7 meeting, Japan and Germany still expressed uncertainty, while Italy was skeptical of such a sign.

For Iran, the warning relates to the scenario of no new agreement on nuclear technology between the country and the great powers. The G7 meeting Britain hosted with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss at a news conference indicated that Iran’s only option now was to join a deal after negotiations began earlier this week.

“There is still time for Iran to accept the deal,” Truss said.

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