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The funeral fee will be reduced next year – down to 25.8 ounces per hundred

The funeral fee is a fee paid by every person who is registered in Sweden and has income subject to taxation by the municipality. The fee is charged regardless of religious affiliation and covers, among other things, the right to a grave site for 25 years, cremation and accommodations for funeral ceremonies without religious symbols for those registered in Sweden. Fees are not associated with individual funerals.

This year, the fee is 36.1 öre for every 100 SEK earned, but next year the fee will be reduced to 25.8 öre for every 100 SEK earned. For someone earning 250,000 SEK per year, that would mean a fee of SEK 645 per year, or just over SEK 54 per month, Kammarkollegiet wrote in a press release.

The 2023 fee will appear on the final tax statement in 2024.

The standard funeral fee was introduced in 2016 and covers all registered in Sweden except residents of Stockholm and Tranös. There, instead, the municipality, rather than the Church of Sweden, is responsible for funeral operations.

Stockholm’s municipal funeral fee will remain at the low level of 6.5 öre per hundred dollars next year. In Tranås, on the other hand, the funeral fee is raised by 10 Oreo to 24 Oreo per hundred, while there the municipal tax is reduced by the same amount.

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