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De fyra största arbetstrenderna nästa år

The four biggest business trends for the coming year

In the coming year, workplaces will be more diverse and virtual than ever, and employers will learn to adapt to the new post-pandemic ethos.

When the younger generations start working and the middle generations start getting leadership positionsThey will, she says, bring new values ​​with them Forbes.

More acceptance of work culture

This is likely to lead to workplace cultures that are more accepting of diversity and more tolerant of people’s expectations of flexibility in working life.

At the same time, new technology appears to be making changes in how workers are monitored and controlled as they perform their work.

Very different workplaces

Managing the balance between expectations of flexibility and the need for accountability will be an important challenge for employers and managers in the coming year.

The result will likely be work cultures and workplaces that are very different from those of previous generations.

Changes won’t happen overnight, but next year we’ll likely see changes going in that direction.

Here are some of the biggest trends in 2023:

Remote and hybrid work Far from the remnants of the pandemic, research and statistics show that home, remote and hybrid work will become the norm, at least for knowledge work.

According to McKinsey and Ipsos, 58 percent of Americans had the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week in 2022 and 38 percent did not have to come to the office at all.

As employees become more geographically dispersed, employers in the coming year will be challenged to develop a process for them work monitoringWithout restriction of privacy and personal freedom.

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A must for employee monitoring software They are used to make sure they are following a healthy routine such as taking regular breaks to move, not just to make sure they are working.

Online tools for collaboration He will meet Metaverse. Avatars and versatile environments are likely to play a more prominent role in our working lives in 2023.

Flexible working hours and a four day work week. 2023 could be the year we end the five-day work week. Attempts have been made in many countries in recent years to establish a four-day week.

In the UK, 86 per cent of companies taking part in such a trial said they would likely consider introducing a permanent four-day workweek.

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