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The fourth wave of the virus in Canada despite the high vaccination rate

The fourth wave of the virus in Canada despite the high vaccination rate

“It is now clear that we made a mistake and for that I apologize,” Alberta Premier Jason Kenny said at a press conference.

In the middle of summer, all coronary restrictions in the county were lifted, but now many of the restrictions are being reimposed after a state of emergency was declared, Eckout says.

Doctors may have to prioritize Covid patients

The fourth wave of viruses led to a crisis in the county’s hospitals. According to Ekot, about 200 patients are being treated in hospital intensive care units with covid-19, the highest number ever in the county. Doctors are witnessing a difficult situation as they may soon have to prioritize patients who need intensive care. 90 percent of those in intensive care are not immunized.

In Canada, nearly 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, but in Alberta, the vaccination rate is among the lowest in the country, around 60 percent.

Protesting the word Syngraph Vaccine

On Monday, there is an election in Canada, and the current Prime Minister of Canada’s Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, has announced that his government will require a vaccination of bureaucrats, transport workers and most air and rail travelers across Canada by the end of October. BBC states.

His main conservative opponent, Erin O’Toole, has opposed the proposal and believes daily COVID tests could be offered instead.

The issue of vaccination became an important part of the parties’ election campaigns, and in Alberta there were large protests against demands for vaccination and other public health measures.

In Calgary, Alberta, about 2,000 people gathered on Sunday to support, among other things, medical staff opposing vaccine requirements for action. In parts of the country, medical staff have already been vaccinated.

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In Quebec, the province’s health minister recently announced that health workers who were not fully vaccinated before mid-October will be suspended from work on October 15 without pay. CBC writes.

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