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The fourth vaccine phase in Stockholm was delayed due to the collapse

The fourth vaccine phase in Stockholm was delayed due to the collapse

In Stockholm County, the third phase of vaccination against COVID-19 is currently underway. This applies to everyone born in 1961 and earlier, as well as to groups at risk. However, the last few days have seen The number of reservations at vaccination clinics has decreased sharply And the The Vaccine Coordinator opens to start the fourth stage, General vaccination, already this week.

Now, however, the area application where vaccination times are reserved for dysfunction has been affected. That’s after 45,000 people simultaneously logged into the app, says Maria Ahlmark, one of the people responsible for Always Open.

There was a false rumor that the fourth stage had already opened. We think this is due to the fact that an offer of high-risk groups was sent to be vaccinated in clinics, which means that even those who were not in the risk group went and registered.

The disorder began Tuesday is at lunchtime and means, among other things, that it is slow for those who want to book a vaccination appointment. Maria Ahlmark says they are working on problems, but she does not know when this will happen.

We are working to correct inertia. It will take some time. My buddy is you wait and go later or tomorrow.

How much application capacity?

It has a high capacity, but not for many at exactly the same time. Now we have to review the technical aspects, service capacity and more so that this does not happen again. This is gigantic logistics.

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The fourth phase – which will also be released in one age group at a time – will begin once all of that logistics is available, according to Maria Ahlmark.

– She’s the one you depend on.