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The first “Halo” game may be released again – on Playstation |  MovieZine

The first “Halo” game may be released again – on Playstation | MovieZine

The biggest Xbox exclusive game series could be coming to Playstation, according to new rumours.

On November 15, 2001, the Microsoft Xbox console was released, as well as the biggest draw “The fighting aura has evolved.” – An epic sci-fi adventure that sees the soldier Master Chief fight against the alien race Covenant.

Since then, the game has received several popular sequels, most recently in the form of “Halo Infinite” from 2021 and a collection called “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” that includes six games. Additionally, it became a television series on SkyShowtime, which received mixed reviews.

Now site reports the edge There may be more Xbox titles in the works for Playstation, including a new version of “The fighting aura has evolved.”.

The Verge reports that a new remaster of the first “Halo” game is in the early stages of development and is being considered for release on Playstation consoles.

According to the article, games like “Starfield,” “Hellblade 2,” and “Age of Empires II” may also be released for PS5, but games like “Gears 6” and “Fable” are unlikely to be released next. It will be released on platforms other than Xbox.

Sunday 9 June at 19.00 live broadcast Xbox games gallery on YouTube, where we'll hopefully learn more about their plans to release previously exclusive titles in other formats.

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