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The famous occupied building in Berlin - 94 Riegerstrasse has been evacuated

The famous occupied building in Berlin – 94 Riegerstrasse has been evacuated

The building at 94 Rigaer Strasse has been one of the city’s most famous occupied buildings for 30 years: its blue facade is covered in graffiti and the gate is easily recognizable by its thousands of posters and posters.

The authorities and the police had previously made several attempts to persuade the occupiers to leave the building, and each attempt had led to riots and disturbances. Another attempt was made on Wednesday – the evacuation, which was still ongoing as of Thursday, was made as part of a fire protection inspection of the building.

During police intervention male About 100 people in the house and down the street threw stones and smoke bombs and directed fireworks at the police. The protesters are also said to have set fire to the street barricades they had set up in the street below the building.

Police responded with water cannons and climbing experts who tried to enter the rooftop path. On Thursday afternoon, police also used track saws and metal saws as well as specially built ramps to get into the fortified building.

“We go through the building piece by piece, and we’re doing this to implement district instructions and implement fire protection measures,” a police spokesperson says of the operation.

At present, there is no information on deprivation of liberty. Police operations are expected to continue into the evening.

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