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The family needs 2,000 SEK per person for the Christmas table

The family needs 2,000 SEK per person for the Christmas table

Carla Bellucci loves Christmas. The mother-of-four is expecting 15 of her relatives to gather around her Christmas table in Hertfordshire over the long weekend.

But it won’t be immediately free for visitors.

Relatives who want to enjoy Bellucci’s Christmas table will have to pay the equivalent of 2,000 kroner each.

Food is not cheap and it takes a long time to prepare a delicious meal, says Bellucci.

However, the food you will prepare costs less than 2000 SEK. Bellucci included a profit margin because she doesn’t do anything if she “can’t make money” from it, something she says the family agrees with.

I think some relatives will be “disgusted”

However, she expects some of her relatives to be “disgusted” by her initiative.

– But if they want quality, they have to pay for it, says Bellucci

She would offer a glass of champagne, but then there would be no drink of her own.

“If they want more wine, they can bring it themselves,” Bellucci says.

She also set a time limit on how long visitors were allowed to stay at her home over Christmas Day. At 10 pm, she will “expel” all her relatives.

“It wouldn’t be cheaper if I had Christmas dinner at a restaurant or hotel on Christmas Day, so why should I pay for it myself,” says Bellucci.

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