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The European Union agrees to intervene in the Red Sea  the world

The European Union agrees to intervene in the Red Sea the world

Aspides will be the name of the EU operation that will follow and protect merchant ships around the Arabian Peninsula.

“The operation will play a key role in ensuring the commercial and security interests of the European Union and the international community,” Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said in a press release after Monday’s decision.

Denmark has made it clear that the country will participate in the operation with the frigate Ever Huitveldt, which has already departed so that it can also participate in the US-led protection operation Prosperity Guardian in the same area.

It remains unclear whether and how Sweden is expected to participate militarily in the EU effort. Sending ships to the region is out of the question.

Meanwhile, European Union countries continue to seek agreement on the thirteenth package of sanctions against Russia. However, time is running out if we want to make it in time for the weekend, as Saturday marks the second anniversary of Russia's renewed attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Hungary has not yet given the green light to the latest proposal, which EU ambassadors hope to approve at a meeting on Wednesday.

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