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The elections in Virginia could be a nightmare for Biden

The surprise election result in Virginia is seen as a measure of the gravity of the problems Democrats face ahead of the midterm elections.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are in a fight for voters.

Last night, the Republicans looked as if they were on their way to an unexpected victory.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin were on the ballot in the gubernatorial election that became a thriller last night Sweden time.

But Biden and Trump could have just as easily given the impact of the election campaign around them.

When the polls closed at midnight Swedish time, polls showed the results were a far cry from TV companies venturing into the forecast.

After obtaining reassuring leadership earlier in the year, McAuliffe, who was previously Governor Virginia Between 2014 and 2018, I had problems.

And after 4 a.m., the peeling seemed to come true. With 95 percent of the vote counted, the Republican candidate led by 51 percent to 48.3 for the Democratic favorite.

Keeping Glenn Youngkin all the way to the finish line, he will be the first Republican since 2009 to win a statewide election in Virginia.

Both Joe Biden Barack Obama attended McAuliffe campaign meetings as he tried to come back. Virginia does not allow multiple consecutive terms in office. Therefore, McAuliffe was forced to resign in 2018.

But it doesn’t look as easy as the Democrats thought.

Even Numbers: Virginia sounds like it’s going to be an exciting movie. Image from CNN US election coverage.

suburban battle

Joe Biden’s opinion numbers plummeted in the fall after the failure in Afghanistan, pandemic restrictions, chaos at the border with Mexico and other headaches.

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At the same time, former business leader and political newcomer Yongkin is gaining momentum and the democratic victory is no longer as given.

Next year, Republicans will have the opportunity to take power in the House, Senate, and Congress. Then the long election campaign begins for the next presidential election.

Many Democratic observers fear that McAuliffe’s narrow victory could mean that Republicans have come up with a strategy that could work in next year’s midterm elections — and perhaps even the White House in 2024.

Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 percentage points in last year’s presidential election, in large part because middle-class suburban voters turned to Democrats.

The same trend was repeated in several states last year and was largely behind Biden’s presidency.

Those voters are the ones Yongkin might be about to win again.

Donald Trump has not officially announced that he intends to run for the next presidential election – but according to scattered information from his associates, published in the American media, he should not have recovered from the election loss and be eager to return to the White House. .

Trump swings on the phone

According to political experts, he has managed to strike a balance between distancing himself somewhat from the controversial former president while not upsetting all of Donald Trump’s supporters.

Yongkin’s strategy was to warn against the ‘crazy left’ who he thinks has taken over the power in him United States of America Then the Democrats control the White House and Congress.

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“This is an opportunity for Virginia to respond to its liberal and progressive left-wing agenda,” he said during his closing remarks at an airstrip outside Richmond.

Just as Youngkin warned Biden, McAuliffe warned Trump. He argued that a Republican victory in Virginia could ignite the maneuvering for the former president’s return in 2024.

– Guess how Glenn Yongkin ended his campaign? He told his supporters that he was at an event with Donald Trump.

However, this was a lie, conscious or not.

Donald Trump called a conference call with Glenn Yongkin on Monday night and swung hard against the Democratic nominee for governor. But Yongkin did not attend the meeting.

– Glenn stands, you know, against the shady Terry McAuliffe. I know him well. He was not a successful ruler. He was not a good judge. But it got worse in the sense that he made a rotten deal with the radical left, extremists who took over the Democratic Party. Trump said he may have had no other choice.

The former president also said that four years with McAuliffe as governor would mean the booming suburbs would be “canceled” because he wanted to turn “beautiful suburbs into high-rises”.

Trump praised Yongkin and said he would do things “that are hard to believe.”

President Biden is in Britain for a major UN climate summit.

Biden is sure of victory

McAuliffe responded to Trump’s attacks by writing on Twitter that the former president was “doing everything he can to win this election because he knows Glenn will be on Maja’s agenda here in Virginia.”

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Joe Biden spoke about the election during the climate summit in Glasgow before his return flight with Air Force One to Washington.

– We will win, he said and leaned forward towards the microphone, uppger bouncer.

He did not want to see the election as a referendum on his presidency or that McAuliffe’s results would match his own polls.

However, President Biden acknowledged that it looks like it’s going to be a thriller and that the election will be decided by the last voters who go to the polls. Only a setback in a state where no Republicans have won a state election since 2009.

Several issues dividing the United States also came into focus during the Virginia election campaign, The guard writes.

Youngkin wants to limit how race and gender issues are taught in schools and give more power to parents about coronavirus restrictions in schools. In many states, there have been disagreements about mouth guards and other things.

“I want a Virginia where politicians stop telling us all the time what to do,” he said on Monday.

The role of experts

McAuliffe has spoken frequently about defending abortion rights and promoting the ability to vote in the general election, something Democrats have accused Republicans of trying to prevent.

During the last battle, political scientists at the University of Virginia shifted their electoral expectations from “leaning toward Democrats” to “leaning toward Republicans.”

“We feel that Yongkin appears to be heading for profit, in large part due to the political climate. “The McAuliffe campaign, which has been largely Trump-centric, does not look very strong when the former president is no longer in the White House,” they wrote in their latest analysis.

Polling stations closed at midnight Swedish time. The result may be visible in the morning, but experts believe it may take longer than that because it looks even.