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The deadline could be for a lifetime in Denmark

The deadline could be for a lifetime in Denmark

During the first 10 years of imprisonment, people sentenced to life imprisonment in Denmark are only allowed to have contact with people who are already close relatives, according to the government’s bill.

Its purpose is to prevent prisoners from establishing new love relationships and dating in prison. The proposal also means that convicted prisoners will be prevented from freely writing about crime on social media and speaking about their crimes on, for example, a podcast.

The bill was sent to the committee this week, and appears to have broad political support. This is justified by the fact that more attention should be paid to the victims of crime and their relatives, according to the news agency “Rizzo”.

Madsen can be stopped

tensile background She is, among other things, convicted murderer Peter Madsen’s ex-affair with a teenage girl, and if the law becomes reality, Madsen will be barred from meeting his wife, whom he married in Herstedfester Prison in 2019.

Some critics say the ban restricts prisoners’ privacy too much and could raise questions about censorship. Bo Yede Sørensen, head of the Swedish Prisons and Probation Service union, told Ritzau that he believes the government should instead invest in having enough staff in prisons and that there is enough space for all prisoners.

He previously told Danish TV2: “The prisoners of life will eventually be released into society, so isolation is not a good idea.”

Madsen’s wife: an example of sexism

Another critic of the proposal is Peter Madsen’s wife, Kvällsposten reports.

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“This restriction also violates the rights of innocent people who are ready to have a relationship with prisoners. It is also an example of clear sexism – the state dares to rule women. How is that possible in 2021 in one of the freest countries in the world”, she wrote in a letter to the newspaper.

The bill originally came from the Danish People’s Party and is expected to enter into force at the beginning of next year.

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