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The dead are burned outside hospitals in India

The dead are burned outside hospitals in India

The situation in India is acute.

The country currently has the most widespread coronavirus in the world.

Since Wednesday, more than a million Indians have contracted COVID-19, he writes daily Mail.

On Saturday alone, 340,000 people were injured, including 2,624 deaths. In the capital, New Delhi, one person dies from COVID-19 every four minutes Sky News.

The most affected areas are the capital, New Delhi, Mumbai and Maharashtra, which is India’s most densely populated region.

Hospitals are completely occupied and forced to refuse medical care for the increasing number of people contracting severe COVID-19 disease.

Oxygen is, among other things, a great deficiency.

– Every hospital is running out of oxygen. We’ll run out soon, hospital director Sudhanshu Pankata at Batra Hospital in New Delhi tells Indian TV.

Dead outside the hospital

But the numbers could be low, according to an Indian doctor.

– I think the death tolls from Covid-19 are two to three times higher than what the government says, says Manas Jumta, Secretary General of a medical association in West Bengal state, Watchman.

According to witness reports, people are dying on the streets without access to hospital care.

Yesterday I saw three people who died outside a large hospital because no one was receiving them. Their families cried and sought help from doctors, who rushed through the gates to examine them, according to a Daily Mail reporter.

Caring for everyone who dies in a short time also becomes a problem when a regular crematorium isn’t enough.

The photos show how a makeshift crematorium was set up outside a hospital in New Delhi by desperate people, as the dead are cremated on piles of sticks resembling a torso according to Hindu traditions.

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India has one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. In March, the country’s health minister announced that India was in the final stages of the epidemic, and that vaccines intended for Indians had been exported to other countries. Today, only 1.5 percent of billionaires in India are fully vaccinated.

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