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Saudi media: Hamas leaders fled to Egypt  the world

Saudi media: Hamas leaders fled to Egypt the world

Elaph, an independent Saudi newspaper based in London, wrote that Al-Sinwar “recently” fled with his brother Mohammed.

Elaph wrote, referring to sources within the Israeli security services, that the escape must be through tunnels from Rafah leading to the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

The Times of Israel wrote that the Israeli army rejected this claim.

The footage shows Sinwar escaping

According to the Israeli army, there is no information that Sinwar, described as the architect of the October 7 attack on Israel, has left Gaza.

Ten days ago, the Israeli army released a film, allegedly from October 10, when he and his family were seen fleeing through a tunnel in Khan Yunis, Gaza.

It also claimed to have found the hideout of the Hamas leader. Then a well-functioning kitchen and toilet and several million kroner in various currencies were found in the safe.

Egypt builds a fence

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported last week that Egypt, in turn, is building a large walled area in the Sinai desert on the border with Rafah.

The goal is to be able to shelter 100,000 Palestinian refugees on Egyptian territory if the Israeli ground attack on Rafah leads to a large influx of refugees.

Currently, about 1.5 million Palestinians have fled to the border city of Rafah, a number far greater than the buffer zone in the Sinai desert can accommodate.

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh arrived in Egypt on Tuesday to participate in peace talks.

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