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The Danish Prime Minister summoned before the hearing

The Danish Prime Minister summoned before the hearing

Frederiksen will be questioned on Thursday by the so-called Mink Committee over what has become one of Denmark’s biggest political scandals.

When the Prime Minister arrived, she was greeted by demonstrators who chanted slogans. A banner appeared among the demonstrators asking “Why is the dead person lying?”

Later, protesters surrounded Mitt Frederiksen’s car and had to be escorted from there by the police, he wrote among other things Extra Bladet. The Ritzau news agency reported that the prime minister was not in the car at the time.

It was announced on November 4 last year That about 15-17 million of you will be killed, after a type of coronavirus spread from minks to humans. It was later revealed that there was no legal basis for killing even healthy minks – and now the commission will find out what really happened.

– We were very worried at this time. Frederiksen said in his questioning about the days leading up to the decision, that Mink’s situation had exacerbated the COVID-19 situation, According to Radio Danmarks.

Pits were excavated in Holsebro, Denmark, in November 2020. Dead mink animals have been laid here in mass graves.

Photo: Morten Stricker/AP

During the interrogation, it was discussed, among other things, what the minister already knew about the reasons for the decision that was to be taken, according to Dr.

Among other things, she was asked about an attachment that had to be sent before the meeting where the decision was made, as she was warned that the decision might be against the law.

The commission was appointed by the Folketing To investigate the operation for which the Prime Minister apologized. On the other hand, Frederiksen said she should not be held responsible for not receiving the necessary information that was required.

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Mogens Jensen (S) resigned after the scandal and took responsibility for wrongdoing in his ministry.

A Hearing of Danish Ministers, Ministry Employees, and Government Officials in the 1960s Already started in October. The commission won’t release its statement until April, and depending on what is said there, Frederiksen could be brought before a national court. In this case, however, a majority in Parliament is required in Parliament, including parties supporting the southern government.

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