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The captain of the migrant ships in Italy is completely empty

The captain of the migrant ships in Italy is completely empty

A captain who defied the authorities was released completely and anchored in a rescue ship with immigrants on board an Italian port.

Captain Carola Rakiti. Photo gallery.picture: Boris Rossler / AP / TT

On Wednesday, a judge in Italy announced the closure of the investigation against German captain Carola Racchetti. The Sea Watch 3 docked in the port of Lampedusa with migrants on board in June 2019. The rescue ship was banned following a decision by then-Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini.

The ship was then out of port for two weeks with 40 migrants on board.

Racquet was arrested in the incident on charges of sailing to Italian territory and illegal immigration. The judge released her after three days.

However, the investigation of the captain continued until Wednesday, when the judge declared the case over.

Earlier, prosecutors in Agrigento, Sicily, announced that it had acted in an emergency to save lives.

Matteo Salvini, of the far-right Liga party, himself awaits trial in Palermo in September. He is accused of misconduct and kidnapping when he prevented a group of immigrants from leaving the rescue ship Open Arms in August 2019.

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