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The army seizes power in the West African country

The army seizes power in the West African country

Intense gunfire was heard early Sunday morning near the presidential palace in Conakry, the capital of Guinea located in West Africa.

Then, in a video on social media, you can see President Alpha Condé, 83, sitting on a sofa, surrounded by soldiers. A soldier in the video asked the president if he had been mistreated, and he refused to respond, according to AFP.

wrapped in the country flag

Later on Sunday, Colonel Mamadi Domboya, commander of the army’s elite force, appeared on Guinean state television. It was wrapped in the state flag and surrounded by eight armed soldiers, According to Reuters.

We will not let one man take care of politics any longer, but we will let the people take care of politics. We have dissolved the government and institutions, and together we will rewrite the constitution, said Domboya.

Military sources told Reuters that the president was taken to an unknown location. Senior government officials have also been arrested.

The United Nations calls for the release of the President

Secretary-General of the United Nations demands Antonio Guterres That President Conde be released.

“I strongly condemn any seizure by force of arms,” he tweets.

Residents of Conakry describe the chaotic situation. Fodi Kamara, a security guard outside a pharmacy He tells the New York Times:

– We heard shooting all the time, and the soldiers were wandering around the city. I can still hear gunfire in the streets. Everyone is staying at home because the soldiers are preventing people from going out.

Store owner Alsény Kéita is happy with the coup.

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“Rich at people’s expense”

Alpha Conde no longer rules the country. His surroundings became rich at the expense of the people. He says that the army’s seizure of power is salvation Even the New York Times.

The teacher, Aissatou Desi, does not agree.

Military coups are not good for Guinea. She says the military should organize a quick transition.

The coup comes after a long period of political turmoil in the country. He was fired because of last year’s presidential election when Conde won for the third time – following accusations of election fraud. Dozens protested the election result.

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