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The abortion decision in the United States faces severe criticism

News came Friday that the US Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade – the ruling that granted American women a constitutional right to an abortion. This means that states have the right to restrict the right to abortion.

Feedback was not long in coming.

Former President Barack Obama (D) He criticizes the decision on Twitter, saying that the court not only changed a nearly 50-year precedent, but also “repealed the most powerful personal decision anyone could make to the whims of politicians and ideologues – to attack the fundamental liberties of millions of Americans.” 2_f2_fortion-programming language.

Fellow party member Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, called the decision a slap in the face for women when it came to their right to make decisions about their own children. She believes American women today have less freedom than their mothers, and claims that Republicans are planning a national abortion ban.

They cannot be allowed to have a majority in Congress to do so. She says this is their goal CNN.

Pelosi is looking forward to the midterm elections in November, when Americans will elect a new House.

– This is deadly dangerous. A woman’s right to choose, the freedom to have children is on the ballot in November.

She claims that the court’s ruling is contradictory. “Hypocrisy is raging, but the damage is endless,” she says.

– It was said yesterday that states cannot enact laws regulating the constitutional right to bear arms. Today they say just the opposite, states can overturn a constitutional right – for 50 years, women have had the constitutional right to choose.

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Former United States Secretary of State This is a step backwards for women and the rights of Americans, Hillary Clinton says.

“Today’s statement in the Supreme Court will live in disgrace as a step backwards for women’s rights and human rights,” she said. independent.

New York Governor Cathy Hochhol (Democrat) is also very important.

“Today, the Supreme Court has rolled back the rights of millions of Americans, without regard for their interests – and most importantly, their lives. Access to abortion is a fundamental human right and it remains safe, accessible and legal in New York,” she wrote on Twitter.

But the decision is welcome to many Republicans.

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell believes the decision is brave and correct.

“This is a historic victory for the constitution and for the weakest in our society,” he said in a comment to Reuters.

Former President Donald Trump praised the decision and said it would work for everyone.

– This follows the constitution and restores rights that should have been restored long ago, he says Fox News.

“Today I won a life,” former Vice President Mike Pence said in a statement.

“By dropping Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court has given the American people a new start in life and I and I commend the judges who were in the majority for their courage in convicting them,” he told Reuters. The “sanctity of life” has been restored and is at the center of American law in all states.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (right) says the Supreme Court’s greatest moment came when it “allowed the United States to best embody the enduring truth on which it rests: that all human beings, without exception, are created equal.”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the United States will always fight for “the unborn innocent.”

“I will continue to work with Texas law and all Texans to save all children from the scourge of abortion and help pregnant mothers in need,” he said in a statement to CNN.

Abortion decision meets Also feedback abroad.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls it “terrible” and says his thoughts go to women who have lost their right to abortion, Reuters reports.

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