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a new album.  Indochine celebrates its 40th anniversary with a record album Pre-ordered

a new album. Indochine celebrates its 40th anniversary with a record album Pre-ordered

Few artists and bands are privileged to celebrate 40 years of their careers while at the same time being in the middle of a booming success. It really is something to celebrate!

Indochine’s new album “Singles Collection (2001 – 2021)” released today includes the band’s latest 27 singles, remixed and rewritten by Mike Gozawski, as well as an all-new single”our celebrations” and audio versions of “Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix” and “Les Pianos Voix”.

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“Nos Célébrations” is the hit song this year in France and is now the most played French song on the radio in its home country.
The album was pre-ordered at a staggering 11,000 copies, the highest rating ever, both for the band and for an even better album.

May 10, 1981 – Born in China
September 19, 1981 – Match 1

Indochine French icons serve as a common thread through contemporary French cultural history, along with political changes and technological advances, the band has grown alongside its fans in an ever-changing world. They have seen the evolution and have witnessed the rising prevalence of populism, terrorism, immigration, economic crisis, undeniable climate change and the tensions that all of this creates – and now also the latest global crisis, COVID-19. It was all part of the band’s life cycle, a band that, in its own way, always spread a message of tolerance and a positive belief in the future.

A lot has happened during these forty years. We’ve seen punk, new wave, indie rock, hip-hop, techno, house and electro being born. We saw vinyl disappear, only to witness its return. We have seen new generations born, lost friends and loved ones. INDOCHINE STILL HERE! Four decades later, they can now brag about connecting fans from three generations.

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INDOCHINE has never stopped looking forward. Thirteen studio albums and 15 million copies sold. Lots of live shows and special projects. Shows sold out in Peru, Scandinavia, Vietnam, Canada and Europe – they can’t be stopped! New album, tour, songs, etc. In this way, they have constantly renewed their audience and are now expanding it with a new generation of fans.

Indochine has invested a lot of time and thought in turning this unique anniversary into a fireworks of events. The first step is the “Singles Collection (2001-2021)” version released today which also contains the new single “Nos célébrations”, recorded at the legendary Rak Studios in London, which was released as a single in May. 2020. This is followed by “Singles Collection (1981-2001)” which will be released on November 27, 2020. New surprises await in the second volume. Both versions have been remixed and reworked by Mike Guzauski using images by Erwin Olaf.

A tour of the scene awaits you next summer in France starting from 29 May 2021 in Bordeaux and stopping in Marseille 5 June, Paris 19 June, Lyon 26 June and the night of 3 July.