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That is why conservatives are enough

Surprisingly the referendum took place Boris Johnson Home under Monday. Conservative dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister has grown to the point where his political future will be determined tonight.

Why is the referendum being held now?

The short answer is that some conservative MPs do not want to influence the Queen’s annual celebrations. Therefore, they chose to ban the letters they send to the committee that initiates the Conservative no-confidence vote.

The long answer is that many conservative parliamentarians have had enough of the Prime Minister. The rebellion against him was not said to have been organized. There is no clear successor who has called on his supporters to sack Boris Johnson.

If 15 per cent of conservative parliamentarians, 54, have written a letter to the committee, a no-confidence vote will begin. According to The Times The question of such an unorganized uprising may have been mistakenly initiated when many MPs, not knowing how many letters had already been submitted, wrote to the committee.

It was a large crowd of Conservative MPs who publicly declared that they could no longer support Boris Johnson – some of them Brexit supporters, others close to the center, and some social conservatives.

What is the last drop?

Many refer to it as the “Partygate” – Boris Johnson and his staff were involved in the party, while other Britishers were forced to adapt to harsh strikes.

Others refer to the Prime Minister’s leadership style. Conservative MP and former minister Jesse Norman On Monday he leveled harsh criticism at the Prime Minister. He Writes, among other things:

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“The government under your rule has no goal. It has a large majority, but no long-term plan … Instead you continue as if you are campaigning, change the subject and create political and cultural divisions. The economy is falling, inflation is rising and growth is anemic. “

They believe the Conservatives are often ruthless when removing party leaders and can no longer lead them to electoral victory. The party is now ten points behind the opposition Labor Party in the polls.

The “partygate” scandal has upset many voters.

Moreover, polls suggest that the Conservative Party could lose by-elections in the traditional Toridan and Honidon Tory districts by the end of June. The Conservative Party won the 2019 election by a margin of 24,000 votes in the district.

Some highlight the Queen’s anniversary weekend events as the beginning of Boris Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister.

He was greeted by spectators outside St. Paul’s Cathedral during worship for the Queen. Many British media outlets have pointed out that those outside the church are pro-conservative voters. Count in general. Among other things, Probe is being referred to by Conservative rebels who have called on their party colleagues to vote against the prime minister. Says the Times.

During the service, Boris Johnson was commissioned by the royal family to read an excerpt from the Bible to reflect on the importance of telling the truth.

How the vote goes – What happens if Boris Johnson loses?

Voting will take place on Monday evening. Results are expected after 10pm Finnish time. If half of the Conservative MPs vote against him, Boris Johnson should resign.

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Many Conservative MPs and ministers have been expressing support for Boris Johnson on social media. But political journalists in the UK have pointed out during the day that the vote is secret and it is not known how many will choose to vote.

So I don’t know how this will go. His supporters believe Boris Johnson will win. His critics warn that the prime minister should not underestimate how unpopular he has become in recent months.

If he loses, the Conservative Party will hold a presidential election where Boris Johnson will not be allowed to stand as a candidate.

But even if he could vote, it was unclear how long he would last. Former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has resigned six months after winning a no-confidence motion.

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