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Texas Supreme Court blocks abortion decision

It comes shortly after Roe v. Wade was overturned, enabling states to ban abortions.

Since the end of the constitutional right to abortion, the law in Texas, which has technically banned abortion for the past 50 years, has been difficult to explain. It is currently unclear whether clinics have resumed abortions. Another court hearing planned in a month.

US President Joe Biden promised During a digital meeting with Democratic governors that the federal government will protect women who travel to another state to have an abortion. He also said that he believed that some countries might try in the future to detain women who cross state borders for this purpose. According to Biden, abortion pills will be made available in states where abortion is prohibited.

Google also announced Friday that in the next few weeks it will begin clearing data from users who have visited an abortion clinic that can be used to sue people. The decision also applies to visits, for example, to protected housing or fertility clinics.

“If our system determines that someone has visited any of these sites, we will delete that information from the site history shortly after they visit it,” Google CEO Jane Fitzpatrick wrote in a blog post.

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