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Tense anticipation of Scottish election results – Britain’s future is in jeopardy



The bill enters its final stages, which will be described as the most important election for Scotland’s future.

If the nationalist party, the SNP, wins a simple majority, the chances of a new referendum on independence are high.

– Leader Nicola Sturgeon says it will be balanced on the edge of the knife.

Many of Britain’s ‘Super Thursday’ votes are still being counted, with the focus on Saturday’s election in Scotland, an election that could have an impact on the future of the entire union.

It is clear that the Nationalist Party SNP will win. But President Nicola Sturgeon expects a simple majority in parliament to facilitate a referendum on independence.

Now it seems very equal.

“I don’t know if the SNP will have a simple majority, but the possibility is still there,” political scientist John Curtis told The Guardian.

Nationalist Party SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon during a speech in 2019.

Photo: Jane Barlow / D.T.

Nationalist Party SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon during a speech in 2019.

Confidence in the Alliance

129 seats are at risk, so to achieve a simple majority, the SNP needs 65 seats. If the party does not get there, they hope to reach an alliance with the Green Party in order to gain prominence in the referendum.

The Unionists, who are opposed to Scottish independence, believe that it would be difficult to hold a referendum without an absolute majority of Nicola Sturgeon. But nationalists believe it is enough for the SNP to become the largest party.

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On Friday, Sturgeon, the Prime Minister of Scotland, said it was absurd to say that Scotland would not be allowed to hold a referendum if it wanted a majority in the Scottish Parliament.

“If the Scottish people vote for a majority in parliament, no politician has the right to stand in the way,” Sturgeon told the British media.

Photo: Holy Adams / D.T.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not behind a new Scottish referendum.

Boris Johnson is getting ready for trouble

At 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is eagerly awaiting the end. He is opposed to a new referendum, with the main argument that the Scots had already voted once in 2014. At the time, most people said they did not want independence from Britain.

But after Brexit, political analysts believe conditions are different because most Scots voted to stay in the EU.

It has now been described that Boris Johnson and his Conservative government are preparing for a major controversy over the British constitution over whether or not to hold a referendum in the British media. Johnson described the proposal for a new referendum as “irresponsible”.

Results tonight

Sturgeon has promised to tackle the crisis in Scotland first.

– But once the crisis is over and the referendum gets a majority in Parliament, the Scots should have the right to vote about our future. Sturgeon told a news conference that the future of Scotland should always be in the hands of the Scots.

Whether the party will reach an absolute majority, he says:

– This is not entirely impossible, but not guaranteed.

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At 11.30am on Saturday, the counting of votes resumed. So far, 49 seats have been distributed, where SNP has secured 40 seats, according to Sky News.

According to the British media, it is expected that we will know in the evening whether the SNP will get an absolute majority or not.


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