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Temperature records may have been measured in Italy

Temperature records may have been measured in Italy

In Sicily, Italy, a new record temperature of 48.8 degrees was measured on Wednesday, according to local meteorological authorities.

According to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, this would be the highest temperature ever measured in Europe – if it could be confirmed by Italian and international authorities.

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The previous record of 48 degrees was measured in 1997 in Athens. The World Meteorological Organization will now investigate the alleged heat record.

It doesn’t seem likely, but we wouldn’t rule it out, Randy Cervini, a WMO weather records correspondent, told Yle.

According to the Italian news agency, 15 cities, including Rome, Florence and Bologna, were warned of extreme heat on Friday.

Especially the southern parts of the country like Sicily have also been affected by the forest fires as a result of the drought.

The Mediterranean is considered one of the danger zones for climate change, and according to experts, the climate crisis will lead to an increase in the spread of extreme heat waves in the future.

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