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Taliban photograph girls when school reopens

Taliban photograph girls when school reopens

On Friday, the Ministry of Education announced the reopening of schools in Afghanistan next week for boys in grades seven to twelve, after a month-long holiday. All male and female teachers are encouraged to participate in teaching, but girls and female teachers are not mentioned.

This makes Afghanistan the only country in the world that prevents half of its population from participating in secondary and secondary education.

The decision has troubling repercussions One of the Taliban’s tactics in the 1990s was to expel girls from school without an official ban.

– Education and literacy are so highly valued in Islam that the Taliban could not ban girls’ schools on Islamic grounds, so they always said they would open them when security improved. you did not. They never opened schools, says Kate Clark, president of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, who then worked in Afghanistan Watchman.

Another sign That the new Taliban government tightens restrictions on women is that the building that was formerly the Ministry of Women’s Affairs has been taken over by the newly established Ministry of Evil and Virtue Promotion. In the 1990s, she was responsible for punishing women who violated orders such as going out without a male relative.

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