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Take this important test

This is due to the fact that GCK has an “open house”. For more than 50 years, we women have had the privilege of someone taking a cell sample from the abdomen, an area of ​​the body that we usually can’t see.

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Examination of a woman by a gynecologist and a cell sample for cervical cancer.

Examination of a woman by a gynecologist and a cell sample for cervical cancer.Photo: isabell Höjman / TT

From the age of 23 we are regularly called in for sampling. A few years ago, women up to 64 were given time to sample, now also women up to 70, the latter depending on when the previous sample was taken. If not, in the past six months, the Kronoper District has introduced vaginal tests only for women over 30 with one exception, the first test after 40, when, according to the Southern District, tests should be offered for cytology and HPV analysis. Durations vary with age and of course differ for those who have undergone some form of procedure due to the abnormal cell samples. Then we shouldn’t go to GCK either.

When GCK started, the focus was on looking for any abnormal cells, but the research progressed. Skewed samples were found to be based on a virus, HPV, that is the basis for the young girls who are now being vaccinated with Gardasil at school. It is also important in this context to note that everyone should still perform their own cell sample assays. In recent years, boys have also been vaccinated.

What then is the purpose of this so-called screening activity? If you walk when they call you, this prevents you 100% from getting seriously ill. If minor changes occur, further investigation, according to Southern District guidelines, should be carried out in order to prevent serious disease.

Reward yourself for taking this important test when you get the chance!

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