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Swedish group kicks member – Healed during the concert

Swedish group kicks member – Healed during the concert

On Sunday, the Swedish black metal band performed Murdoch At a festival in London, UK. while performing the song Beyond the grace of God Bass player rose Joel Lindholm Hand to do a Nazi salute on stage, which was caught on film by the audience, reports Express.

After the end of the song, the group was greeted with several boos from the audience. But despite Lindholm’s nod, the band kept playing. But now they have decided to cut him out of the band.

“Following several unacceptable onstage incidents by Joel during last week’s Incineration Fest, he has now left the band,” Murdoch writes on Instagram.

The band explains that the former member Magnus “Defo” Anderson He’ll jump as a bass player for a shorter period.

The founder and guitarist tells Expressen Morgan Hackanson They do not accept Lindholm’s actions. He explains that he was unaware of what other people were doing on stage, and that it was all “miserable behaviour”.

Murdoch has previously been accused of links to the Nazi organization Northern Resistance (NMR). Newspaper etc. He was able to reveal in the spring of 2019 that two members of the group had purchased Nazi propaganda from the organization. However, the band denied this in a statement on social media.

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