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Swedes need a post-Brexit residence permit – ECOT News

I often meet Swedes who haven’t thought about it, have shot it or think it doesn’t apply to them, says Torbjorn Sohlstrom, the Swedish ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Now she has about 38000 Swedes Those living in the UK have applied for and received a residence permit in the country, which will be valid after the end of the year, according to Torbjörn Sohlström. About half of them obtained permanent residence permits, and the rest were temporary, valid for five years.

The embassy estimates the number of Swedish citizens living in the UK at around 100,000. Thousands in this group hold British citizenship and are therefore unaffected by the changes.

But Ambassador Suhlstrom It is estimated that there are still 10,000 Swedes in the country who have not yet applied for a residence permit but should do so. This is despite the UK giving EU citizens living in the UK before the end of the year a deadline until the end of June next year.

Even if you are not fired, you can without problems get health care, benefits and employment problems. I think you should take this very seriously, says Torbjörn Sohlström.

Tove Knaby Friede, who among other things works in a shop in London, applied for and received a five-year residence permit a week ago.

“If I could, I’d want to stay here all my life,” says Tov Kanabi Frida.

EU citizen after the end of the year If you want to move to the UK to study or work, you will need to go through some sort of visa and application procedure, says Ambassador Suhlstrom. The British government has proposed new immigration and income-based immigration rules that will come into effect early in the year, but exactly what will apply is not entirely clear yet.

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– It won’t be as easy as it used to be. This is what Brexit means, says Torbjorn Suhlstrom

For example, Swedish youthwho want to become spouses in the UK from the turn of the year, the situation is also unclear.

– At the moment, there is no solution to obtaining a visa, for example, young people from EU countries who want to become spouses in the UK from next year, says Tuuli Liiskmaa who runs a bilateral agency.