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Sweden’s time to leave the EU – Wimperby Titting

Sweden’s time to leave the EU – Wimperby Titting

Swedish politicians have written EU membership in the constitution. Before starting your resignation, a majority of two terms is required to change the decision.

Sweden should leave the EU because total membership is estimated to cost SEK 40 billion this year, and fees are expected to rise further over the next few years. It is good to invest this money in poor countries, as well as schools in Sweden, maintenance and nursing.

Swedish politicians call for a new referendum in the European Union. When Sweden voted yes to membership in the 1994 referendum, the union was completely different from what it is today. We will work to ensure that the Swedish people decide which laws and regulations apply in Sweden. We must stop the transfer of power to Brussels and break the trend of increasing domination and federalism from cooperation between the Union Governments. The Swedish people should be allowed to take a stand on the EU, which has emerged in the new referendum.

My hope is that many countries, including Sweden, will eventually follow in Britain’s footsteps and demand that power be transferred back to individual countries. If this does not happen, countries will have to leave the EU before it can become the full-fledged federation that some want to form. Trade and cooperation are certainly one thing, but without political supremacy.

The EU wants to seize power in as many areas as possible from individual countries. In this way, people miss the opportunity to influence their own lives, their own daily lives, and the future of their own country!

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Swexit – Yes, thank you!