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Sweden stops travel from the UK

Sweden stops travel from the UK

Sweden will thus be another country in the line of European Union countries imposing a travel ban from the United Kingdom. The measure for the SVT was confirmed by the Minister of the Interior Michael Damberg (S).

We are preparing to take a decision on a travel ban from the UK. Damberg says it should take effect as soon as possible.

Earlier this weekend, countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy announced that they would halt all flights to and from the UK. Several other countries are considering similar travel bans.

The European Union holds a meeting in the blink of an eye

The reason is the new strain of coronavirus that has been discovered in the UK and that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned about on Saturday. It is said to be 70 percent contagious, but it should not cause more serious illness.

The gravity of the situation is also illustrated by the fact that the European Union countries were called to a meeting on Sunday evening. The meeting will discuss whether the European Union needs to take joint action on this new alternative to the coronavirus.

M and L have demanded a ban

On Sunday, both liberals and moderates demanded that Sweden impose a ban on travel to and from Great Britain.

During the day, the government followed the development and discussed the issue and now decided tonight to impose a ban on entry.

It is unclear how the ban was designed

The exact way in which the decision will be formulated remains unclear. It will be applied to travelers by car, boat and plane. Swedish citizens cannot be stopped, but the rules that will apply to them are unclear. They may be forced into quarantine upon arrival in Sweden.

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The government is expected to make the official decision on Monday.