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Sweden secured group victory - beat New Zealand

Sweden secured group victory – beat New Zealand

Only Magdalena Ericsson, Jonah Anderson and Philippa Engeldahl have remained in the starting line-up since the last time Peter Gerhardsson chose to rest several stars.

Changes are also noticed initially in the game, which is a bit more choppy.

But just over a quarter of an hour later the game was knocked out when Anna Unvegaard nodded 1-0 after a corner kick. Her ninth goal in the national team.

The two players who had the chance from the start, Hannah Benison and Madeline Gannuji, then teamed up until 2-0 when Gannuji nodded at a nice post from Benison.

Before the break it was time for New Zealand to make a risk, but Jennifer Falk, who also had the chance from the start, was responsible for the beautiful double tackle. The score was 2-0 in the first half.


In the second half, national team captain Peter Gerhardsson continued to redecorate when Amanda Elistette and Natalie Björn replaced Magdalena Eriksson and Jonah Anderson at the backline.

The tempo then dropped slightly but Sweden continued to create scoring opportunities. In the end, Emma Kohlberg almost stretched the lead but the attempt went through the bar. The match ended with a score of 2-0 and the victory meant Sweden won their group.

– I like Sweden. What they did today is not easy. To change many players while maintaining structure and stability, says SVT expert, Marcus Johannesson.

In the quarter-finals, Japan awaits and the match will take place on Friday.

The second match in the Sweden group between the United States and Australia ended in a goalless draw.

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Clip: Peter Gerhardsson and Sweden beat the US by a wide margin – see the goals here (July 21)