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Sweden joins a global alliance to tackle oil and gas extraction

Sweden joins a global alliance to tackle oil and gas extraction

At COP26 in Glasgow, Sweden today joined the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA). It is an initiative aimed at mobilizing countries that have decided or will decide on measures to prevent oil and gas production.

BOGA was launched by Denmark and Costa Rica earlier this year, to bring together countries that want to enable a transition away from oil and gas. The goal is to promote actions that reduce oil and gas extraction, not the user stage, which is already the subject of many other measures.

Sweden joins as a main member. These members undertake not to consent to any new exploration or extraction of oil and gas. Countries also undertake to set a date to stop all exploration and extraction of oil and gas.

Fossil fuel use should be an arc in history. This is a clear step to show that renewable energy is the future. When we are in a rampant climate crisis, we cannot continue to extract oil and gas, and therefore I am proud to have Sweden join BOGA today, says Environment and Climate Minister Per Polund.

In addition to Sweden, France, Greenland, Wales, Ireland, California and the Canadian province of Quebec joined the alliance.

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