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Sweden in the Nordic delegation to Canada

From May 19-20, a Nordic delegation will travel to Canada. The trip is part of the ongoing project Nordic Bridges, a cultural exchange in which many Swedish cultural representatives participate.

Nordic bridges is a cultural initiative initiated by the Nordic Ministers of Culture and will run throughout 2022. The idea is that Canada and Nordic countries will jointly exchange art, culture, knowledge and ideas. Collaboration is based on four fundamental pillars: technical innovation, accessibility and inclusion, indigenous perspectives, resilience and sustainability. These are issues central to both Canada and the Nordic region.

During the visit, the Scandinavian delegation will visit the Canadian Cultural Council, the Canadian Council of the Arts, the Toronto Film Festival, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Festival of Young Children and Youth.

The Nordic delegation consists of representatives from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Ă…land. Sweden is represented by Foreign Minister Nina Andersen and the trip also includes Kajsa Raven, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council and board member of the International Federation of Councils for Arts and Culture Agencies (IFACCA).

Nordic Bridges in Canada is the third largest cross-cultural initiative after Nordic Matters in London and Nordic Cool in Washington.

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