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Svenska Magasinet – Swedes rank second among foreign buyers of luxury homes

Ola Josephson

The exclusive luxury housing sector plays in a separate section. Not the elderly and the retired are mainly among the buyers. Instead, they are younger, mid-career professionals with family, good finances looking for a comfortable place where the business can continue.

A luxury homebuyer in Marbella wants a ‘perfect paradise’ where he wants to spend his spare time with his family, be able to see his children grow up and at the same time be able to work. He writes Photo newspaper Who asked several brokers in the Marbella area.

– The buyer is between 35 and 40 years old from the business world and has a high purchasing power. She is very clear about what he or she wants and doesn’t wait until tomorrow, one realtor, Christina Zekeli, tells the newspaper.

This means that Jupiter is now different from previous generations.

Today’s buyers are not like the parents who bought vacation travel or a home for retirement. Now you want the house right away, you live and work here and at the same time you are able to enjoy the climate.

“The buyer is not looking for a second home, but rather a permanent home that will allow the family to live 12 months in the summer,” says Christopher Clover of Panorama.

New technology, digital meetings, and video calls have changed everything and made it easier to work from home.

The buyer has high quality requirements and wants privacy, which then requires larger homes, spacious rooms, large garden areas, a swimming pool and recreational areas.

Among foreign buyers, the UK is the largest with 19 percent of total sales of luxury homes in Marbella and neighboring municipalities such as Estepona and BenahavĂ­s. They are followed by Swedes at 13 percent and Belgians at 9 percent.

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