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SvD’s Podcast Today’s Story: How Sponsors Can Influence the Olympics in China

It started in the United States. In early December, the country announced that none of the official representatives of the US government would attend the Winter Olympics, which begin in February in Beijing. According to the White House, due to the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity and other human rights violations in Xinjiang. Thus called diplomatic boycott.

It did not take long for China to respond to the boycott. “The United States must pay for its mistakes,” the State Department said in a statement. But despite China’s tone, many countries have chosen to follow in the footsteps of the United States: Australia, Britain and Canada will implement a diplomatic boycott of the Games.

Even around the sponsors who are investing more money in the Olympics, the heat surrounding the human rights issue is now rising. We know historically that neglect from an important sponsor means many things – but criticizing China can cost a company. With Henning Eklund, technical reporter for SvD Näringsliv.

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That’s why it’s crazy quiet from the sponsors of the Winter Olympics

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